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JOHN CHO // Writer-Director, Production Designer // Malaysia

News | Film festival | Official selection | In competition | 14th Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia 2012 | Tokyo, Japan | The Apprentice

We are excited to announce that the short documentary by Mahen and I, The Apprentice (2011), has officially been selected by the Academy-qualifying 14th Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia 2012 in Tokyo, Japan and will be competing in the Asia International category. You can click on the picture below to view the listing on their official website.

Travel | Bergamo | 2012

On a rainy day, the wife and I were taken on a day trip out to the historic hilltop town of Bergamo, which is referred to as Città Alta, the “Upper City”.  Through wet and narrow alleys, the true character of the town started to open up.  Wish we had more time to explore the whole…
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Travel | Istanbul | 2012

It was an icy cold Istanbul, and so it was just as well that I was kept inside most of time, pre-occupied with business discussions and meetings with suppliers. Coffee-fueled morning sit-downs and steak dinners in Istanbul before heading out to Ankara and Eskişehir for factory visits.