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JOHN CHO // Writer-Director, Production Designer // Malaysia

People take up filmmaking for a variety of reasons. My fascination with the art form stems from my interest in the storytelling craft and the phenomenon that the combination of sound and a given sequence of visuals, or series of images, has the remarkable ability to captivate the unsuspecting viewer, and sometimes go beyond that to resonate more deeply with their lives. Maybe even change the way we perceive the living environment around us, or reset certain mindsets we have, or even foster a new belief in us.

I enjoy most film genres apart from horror and that kind of experimental tosh that nobody seems to understand. The worst kind are the ones that pretend to be intelligent, but the filmmakers themselves struggle to articulate in a coherent way. I must confess to a preference for the classical story structure, and on occasion the non-linear storyline, but almost only always films that are honest in themselves and do not claim to be more than they are not.

As a scriptwriter, I tend to try to put my head into the characters and the universe of which the story is taking place, and follow the events as they begin to unfold naturally; the movie writes itself in most parts. Sometimes you have to guide it along when it gets a bit stuck or stagnant, but most times I try not to hinder it. For collaborative assignments, I revel in moments when I am able to realise in words the vision of the director I’m working with.

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