Feature documentary | Ubusuna (2013) | Watch trailer here

JOHN CHO // Writer-Director, Production Designer // Malaysia

Japanese with English subtitles.

Ubusuna is a Japanese word meaning the place you were born, and the kami – spirits or gods – that protect it. In the spring of 2012, a filmmaking project was put together, called the Exploring Life with Forests Caravan Project. It’s objective: to travel around Japan visiting and recording life in rural communities living in close proximity with the mountains and forests. Over the next six months we visited six places across the country, and each time the Japanese film crew was joined by a different filmmaker from overseas – Malaysia, Singapore, UK, France and New Zealand – to give both an internal and external perspective on contemporary life in the mountains of Japan.

Director | Mile Nagaoka
Producer | Ayumi Arakawa
Executive Producer | Tom Vincent
Cinematographers | Mile Nagaoka, Ben Ruffell, Kirsten Tan, We Jun
Camera assistant | Field sound recording | Editor | Taigo Kawaguchi
Sound design | Nao Sakamoto

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