Short film | Outpost (2012) | Watch full video here

Malay with English subtitles, English with Malay subtitles.

Lance Corporal Yazzid is assigned to an isolated pillbox located along the Kuantan coast at the eve of the Japanese invasion and occupation of Malaya.

Aired in September 2012 on Astro Channel 318, as part of the My Hometown series.

Cast | Omar Yunus, Mohd. Radzi Jamaluddin, Gerhard Hoffstaedter
Writer | Director | Cinematographer | VFX | Editor | Sound designer | We Jun
Producer | Sound recordist | Mahen Bala
Grips | Goh Kok Yun, Gerard Chung
Production manager | Law Siow Fei
Audio post | Martyn Gillman
Executive producer | Lina Tan