Short film | BTS | Outpost

JOHN CHO // Writer-Director, Production Designer // Malaysia

Short film | BTS | Outpost

Outpost, though only a short film, was by far the most challenging project I have ever worked on.  It tested the limits of my ability to craft a working product in a short given time and elevate it creatively in post production, it also added a lot of pressure on my collaborative partnership with Mahen.

It was after this project that I decided I would take a break by exploring a different direction and move at my own pace.  Nevertheless, I am extremely proud of what we created together, and for such a small budget. I personally hope that it does justice to the men and women who served our country before there even was one.

So here are some pictures from the production.  Principal photography only took a day and a half.  Colour grading, rotoscoping and editing seemed to take forever.  I was totally spent by the time we were up for audio post, only a couple of weeks before broadcast.  I remember that the mood was quite murderous at that point, having not slept more than 3-4 hours a day for a month and living like a zombie on crack, glued to my computer.


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